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נגן וידאו

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Click the WhatsApp button and then you will be exposed to a special map of Israel where there are more than a hundred places, symbols and figures related to your life and personality. The next moment will be a short and powerful process of focusing on a special symbol that is important to .your personal development

Expect a surprise! 

?Who am I

!Shalom and Hello from Israel
My name is Ofer Hartov and I am a licensed tour guide in Israel who specializes in personal training and self-awareness. To me, the Land of Israel is not only an important, holy and beautiful place on earth. Israel is a microcosm of the world and also of the human personality. Through the map of Israel you will discover surprising things about your personality and you will have a fun experience that combines knowledge of Israel and a deeper awareness with yourself! 

!So just give it a try and start your journey

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